11 Components of Work Performance Information for Projects

11 Components of Work Performance Information for Projects



Work Performance Information for projects consists of periodically collected information about project activities that are performed to accomplish the project work.


This data will reside in your Project Management Information System if you have one.

Work performance information

#1 Schedule Progress

This document is going to show how far we have gone with the implementation of the deliverables planned for the project. It will enable us to determine whether we are on track to complete the project as planned.


#2 Completed deliverables

The work performance information as a document will also show the number of deliverables that have been completed as well as those that have not been completed.



#3 Schedule activities

The document will also show all scheduled activities as well as their start and finish dates so that the Project Manager can use it to monitor project activities from the beginning to the end.


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#4 Quality Standard

The document can also be used to monitor the extent to which the project complies with quality standards. This can allow the Project Manager to determine the extent to which the deliverables deviates from the original quality expectations.


#5 Expenses authorized

Another vital information that you will find in a work performance information document is the difference between expenses authorized and expenses incurred for a project. This will help you to see at first glance whether the project is taking more than what is budgeted for it.


#6 Estimate to complete

The work performance information will also show you how much you need to complete the remaining task on the project. It will determine whether the amount you have left is enough to complete the project.


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#7 Percentage started

This vital document will also show the amount of work scheduled to start that has commenced in earnest. This can also be an indicator that the project is running according to plan or behind schedule.


#8 Lesson learned

One other information that you can glean from work performance information is the number of lessons you have learned in the course of executing the project. This will be compiled together later on so that it can be useful to other project managers.


#9 Resource utilization

Another fact that you will get from work performance information has to do with the level of resource utilization for the project. You will be able to compare the amount of work assign to a resource and what they are able to do. This will help you to determine whether your resources are being underutilized or not.


#10 Change status

Another information you can glean from this document is the status of the implementation of change requests. With this document, you can know how far your team members have gone in implementing new changes. This will allow you to provide appropriate feedback to key stakeholders.


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#11 Additional details

The document will also provide details on corrective, preventive and defect repairs that have been carried out by the Project Manager. This will allow the Project Manager to determine whether such help is helping the Project Manager to achieve the desired result.


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