Why throw away “Old Bananas” is essential to your success

You’ve probably happened to pass in front of your kitchen counter and look at a nearly rotten banana and thought “Nothing, I will use them later in some cake. Two days later, the banana is rotten and the cake is never made.

We do the exact same thing in our businesses, often without even noticing it.

We set high goals, to-do lists for the day, and we have the idea that they are constantly at the back of our minds. When you first think of an idea, it is green like an unripe banana. It’s natural for an idea to ripen in a few days – and ripen like a banana. But after a while, if you do not act according to those ideas, they begin to rot and take up mental and physical space.

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If we do not throw away ideas that were never realized – or rotten bananas – our business will start to attract flies, rot and slow down.

Your business may have old bananas like unfinished courses, unpaid bills and unwritten items. I call these closed loops, but for the purpose of this article, we will continue to call them rotten bananas. Let’s clean them before we enter the new year.

Identify your old bananas

Ask yourself these four questions:

How many unfinished projects do you currently have? Of these projects, which are highly mature and which are rotting?
Of these projects, which ones give you energy and which ones are burdening you? If you are not sure, imagine that you should not have made one, and look at how you feel. If you feel free, it may be okay to sell the idea to someone else or eliminate it. If you feel passionate, it’s time to add time to the calendar to accomplish it.
How many unpaid bills do you have for your business? Of these bills, how much has expired?
How many other closed loops float around? Contractors to hire, website to update, office space to buy? Take about 10 minutes to evaluate each according to importance and how long you have been standing on the idea. Then take some time in your schedule with your team to complete these actions so that they do not bother you.

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Entrepreneurs are flooded with ideas every day, and some of them are right for us and need to be acted upon immediately, while others are great ideas, but not the right ones at the moment. One of my mentors had a mantra

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