Why gratitude is more important than ever

This year has been extraordinary. It has been a year full of uncertainty and fear. And yet, it’s up to us whether we remember it or not.

We all have the power to change our way of thinking, to shift our perspective from that of disappointment or anxiety to positivity and hope.

The people who are most positive are those who have cultivated a habit of gratitude. They are the people who, even in the most difficult circumstances, always find reasons to be grateful. We all know those people, but what is their secret? How do they maintain this positive outlook?

This habit or gratitude mentality does not just happen overnight, like any other habit. It’s something that requires purpose and practice. And it is vital to live a well-balanced life. Research shows that gratitude helps people live longer and healthier lives.

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Here are four gratitude challenges to help cultivate gratitude:

Know those around you. In our fast-paced world, we move from one project to another without stopping to evaluate what has been achieved. Take ten minutes this week to tell someone around you how much you appreciate them. We challenge you to do something to show your gratitude. Bring your colleague who helped you with a big project, a coffee tomorrow morning. These simple and tangible acts of gratitude do not take much time, but provide benefits for both you and the recipient.

Accept the growth that challenges can bring. We have all faced new challenges and obstacles this year. We challenge you to write down at least one obstacle you faced and what positive experience came from it. This will help remind you of the strength you needed to go through and inspire gratitude for who and what helped you along the way. By focusing on the positive rather than the negative, you will find it easier to create a sense of gratitude regardless of the circumstances beyond your control.

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Say thank you for the little things. Many times we forget to say thank you to those who constantly keep up, and manage all the daily tasks required for our work to be done, or for our home to function well. Choose a time each day where you have some free time to text or email those people a quick thank you. This can be a simple way to develop a habit of gratitude if you take the time to do it every day.
Set aside time for your personal reflection. Spend at least ten minutes reflecting on the reasons you should be grateful. Take the time to make a list. It is incredible how the simple act of writing what you are grateful for can change your attitude and perspective. This gratitude mentality is compelling. When you find time to focus on it within yourself, you will often inspire others as well.

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