What You Should Know About Home Networks

Home networks are also known as SOHO.


In this article ,  I really want to examine some of the ways that you can set up home networks in a network security environment.

Home networks also mean Small Office. Home Office. It is a network that is set up for use at home. It always has simple devices and the systems involved are not so many.

What You Should Know About Home Networks

A home network can be seen as a computer network that allows two or more computers to communicate together.

When you have this can kind of arrangement at home, you can share resources such as…

  • Files and documents
  • An internet connection
  • Printer and scanners
  • Stereo, TV and Video games
  • DVD and CDs

At this stage, let me take about some of the terms you should know about network resources…

#1 Access Point
These are wireless communication networks that create a central point wireless connectivity. This is the point where all other computers can have access to shares resources on a network.

#2 Gateway
This is any device that allows the home network to have access to external resources on another network.

#3 Transceiver
This is a network device that has both sender and receiver at the same time.

#4 Cable
A cable is like a wire that is used to connect two or more network device together.

#5 Terminals
They are hardware devices used to enter data into a computer or to display data from the computer or other network devices.

#6 Router
This is a device that can connect two or more devices together. When you need to go outside your home network, you definitely need a router.

#7 Hub/Switch
Hubs or Switch are used to connect certain part of a network that are together. It allows for each communication and exchange of information within a network.

#8: Converter
A converter is used to connect several types of cables within an existing network.

#9 Network Adapter/Interface card
This is used to physically connect a computer to a network.


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