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What You Should Avoid In Life


1. Involving yourself in drama.

You don’t need to form drama for anyone , all you need to do it to be real and be yourself . Forming drama will lead you to fake life and at the end , you won’t enjoy your life

2. Having unrealistic expectations.

So many youth of todays always have a large taught of having unrealistic expectations like sudden rich and many other things , this will make you deep hands into some things you don’t need .

3. Settling.

You don’t have to settle for less so as not to see yourself at the buttom of life later , you need to praise yourself at times to keep you going .

4. Always saying yes.

This includes argument , there are lot of things that requires No as answers but because you don’t want to argument then you say Yes just for peace to reign . This is will create respect for you in every situation .

5. Doing things in excess.

Don’t abuse things , when you do something and comes out good , just maintain purity and not excess to keep that thing moving

6. Listening to public opinion.

When you don’t listen to public opinion , you gain a lots . You will have more in your brain and reason well . You won’t get confused with what they have said . Everyone has a different purpose .

7. Living in the past. …

Don’t dare live in the last , forget the past and move on life , think positively , forget revenging and open your heart to nearer future .