The What Question In Digital Marketing Planning

Answering The What Question In Digital Marketing Planning


In my previous article, I have discussed some of the facts that need to know when you are planning your digital marketing strategy. One of the questions that you need to ask when you are carrying out your digital marketing planning is the question. In this article, I want to look at some of the questions that are related to the question. Follow me as we look at some of the questions relating to the question in this article.


In the ‘What’ stage of your planning, you want to define the context of the problem, the market, and your product position within this market. The three elements to consider here are:


#1 Goals as part of what question in digital marketing planning

One of the focuses of this stage is the focus on the goals of the marketing strategy. This should define the strategic outcomes that the organization wants to achieve. Not only that they should be able to come up with key performance indicators to measure the goals as well. The role of goal setting is to set the strategic direction for the project and measure every direction based on the goals that you have set.


  1. When you are setting these tactical goals, there questions that you need to set for yourself. You need to know how these goals help you to reach your tactical goals. You need to make sure that the goals that you have set are aligned with the business goals of your organization. This is due to the fact that your digital marketing goals must help you to achieve your digital marketing goals. The digital marketing goals. It helps to think about your goal in terms of the buyer’s journey. How does your goal fit in the stage and is the goal set on moving the audience from one stage to the other? Does it keep them in this stage and reinforce the quality of the current leads? Goals are key in order to report and communicate with other departments, they help quantify your actions to legitimize budget spend and choice.


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#2 Value proposition as part of what question in digital marketing planning

I have also discussed the value proposition in one of my articles. It can be defined as the slide as innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers, giving them a selling point that sets them apart from others within their market/industry.


 This is your selling point and should drive your message across all channels, this is the proposition that you should use to keep consistency and check your content against. When creating content, pause and ask yourself if it translates your value proposition. This key differentiator help set your position on the market and the consumers mind, the stronger and simpler it is to understand the more efficient it will be.


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#3 Market Trends as part of what question in digital marketing planning

 Market trends can be defined as when the trading market responds to the ups and downs of the prices associated with investments and securities.


That is the strict business definition, applied to the market, meaning that consumers might be spending more in specific areas of your industry or are starting to demand a different way to consume the product.


what question in digital marketing planning




But generally, the marketing team can position its product base on these trends in two manners: reactively or proactively. One marketer might be able to spot a trend before it breaks out and position its product as a leader on the market under this specific trend, while another will see that the market is growing under this specific trends and see competitors specializing and decide to follow the movement and position the product as a challenger on the market.


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The habit of studying market trends on a regular basis will help developing goals and value proposition, by better defining how your product stands to form a competitive point of view. It helps get an idea of product development or product re-positioning. Using trends is a way for marketers to attract attention to the product by promoting it under a new light to the market.



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