What Does Hydroquinone Do To The Skin? | Is Hydroquinone Safe?

What Hydroquinone Do To The Skin either Hydroquinone is Safe or not . You will find everything about hydroquinone here , read below

You may have heard some questionable
things about hydroquinone—it’s even been banned in the UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia. Still, Shamban maintains that though it has had a bad rap, hydroquinone is not dangerous. “It is approved by the FDA and there aren’t any research studies or clinical evidence to suggest that there is any [human] harm to using hydroquinone,” she says.
That said, something this potent doesn’t
come without side effects—”halo spots” around the treated areas being one of them.

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“The hydroquinone treats dark spots, but any product in contact with surrounding skin will also lighten those areas as well,” says Shafer. “So the intended spot may be lightened, but the surrounding skin will also lighten compared to normal skin, and the area will appear like a light de-pigmented halo around the spot being treated.” If your skin skews sensitive, bear in mind that any topical cream is a potential allergen.

“Hydroquinone frequently causes irritations like itchiness and redness in skins that are barrier- compromised or sensitive, which can be the case for any skin type,” notes Ng. Shamban adds that “the most common side effects are irritation, redness, stinging, and inflammation.”

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