What you should know about web analytics targets

This article talks about some of the facts you should know about web analytics targets….



The word “targets” is not strange to you but the word web analytics targets might be. I want to use this article to demystify that for you. When you are analyzing your website, you need to know what what you are actually looking for. That is why you need to set targets for your web analytics program.


There are many beautiful things about have a target or setting a goal for yourself when you want to embark on web analytics for your website. If you do not have what you are aiming at, how will you know whether you have achieved it or not.

Facts to know about web analytics targets

In this article, I will be focusing my attention on some of the facts that you need to know about when you are performing web analytics for your blog . Follow me as we do that together in this article.

Targets are like numerical values that is used to determine the success or failure rate of a particular goal that you have set. It is being used to assess how far you have gone in your pursuit of a particular goal. This will help you to compare you threshold with what you have been able to achieve so far.


Web analytics targets gives room for changing of tactics

One thing is that when targets are being set for your blog,if you notice that you are not achieving what you have set for yourself, you need to change your tactics or manner of approach .  This will help you to adjust so that you can push towards achieving your set goals.

Targets are always set based on historical performance of your website. You  need to look at what you have achieved in the past in order to set a new limit for yourself. I cannot be talking of reaching  two million views per day when I have never crossed 200,000 views before.
web analytics targets


Web analytics targets are approved by top management


In performing web analytics targets, you should note that setting targets is something that should be done by the top management. If they are not directly setting it , you must have their backing. They are the one that know how to set goals so that it can be in line with what the organization is trying to achieve t any given time.



In this article, I have talked about how you can set web analytics targets. To conclude this article, I will just advise that your targets must be realistic. You have to look at what is on ground before you set a new height for yourself. If you noticed that you have not been sincere with yourself. There is nothing wrong if you go back to the drawing board.


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