W. Edward Deming and Joseph Juan theory of Quality

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This article talks about W. Edward Deming and Joseph Juan theory of quality…..


According to W. Edward Deming , He looks at Quality from the angle of process improvement. He believes that in order to attain qualitym one should focus on quality improvement in which quality must be continuously improved in order to meet customers needs. 
theory of quality

According to W. Edward Deming, you cannot be talking of having quality products or services if it fails to meet the need of your customers.


Joseph Juan breaks quality management into different categories. They are broken into quality planning, quality control and quality improvement.
 joseph juan

He believes that quality improvement will lead to breakthrough improvement for products and services. Joseph Juan believes that if an organisation can plan on how to acheive the desired quality and continue to improve on that Quality it will drive them to an unprecedented level that they have never imagined possible.

Therefore it is one thing to set quality standard, it is another thing to make sure that you did not deviate from that quality. It is another thing to continually improve on the quality standard that you have set.


Now your turn….
Do you think customer needs and satisfaction should be put into consideration while planning quality process? Let me know your view in the comment box.

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