8 Variables Affecting Quality of Projects

Variables Affecting Quality for Projects

8 Variables Affecting Quality of Projects


There are certain variables affect the quality of projects. That is what I am about to look at in this particular article.


Quality can be seen as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. It is the degree to which the characteristics of a project fulfil its requirements.

Variables Affecting Quality for Projects

.Here are some of the variables affecting quality for any given project…


#1 Cost

One of the factors that will affect the variable of a project is the overall cost of a project. The amount that a particular organisation is ready to spend on a project will determine their quality expectations.


You should not expect a building project of Five million naira to have the same quality as a building project of thirty million naira.


#2 Time loss

The degree to which an organisation wasted time before they could resolve a problem would also affect the quality deliverable for a particular project and they have to be able to come up with mitigating strategies for the problem.


There are some problems that the organisation never envisage and it can Mar the quality expectations for the project.


#3 Degree of hazard

Another variable affecting the quality is the degree of hazard associated with a problem.


This can affect the quality expectations for a project. Take for example a building project that is under construction and the building is now partially collapsed. Even though the team might find a way around this major risk, it has already impacted negatively on the quality of the project.


#4 Pressure to get to market

Most at times, when you have a situation where competitors are already coming up with a superior products or services , or in a situation where there is already high demand for a product or service when the project has not been completed, it might lead to a situation where the Project Manager and project team members might compromise on quality.


#5 Poor Design

Another variable that can affect the quality of a project poor design. When an organisation fails to gather requirements or does not consider fitness for purpose or use when designing the project deliverables, it might lead to a situation where deliverables are compromised for a project.


#6 Unclear directions

When an organisation does not have clear directions as regards the requirements or objectives of a project. It is expected that for any project to achieve it’s designed quality, project stakeholders must reach a consensus on what the requirements of the project should be.


#7 Issue with vendors

Another variable affecting quality for any project has to do with an issue with vendors, otherwise known as contractors. As a Project Manager, you need to always revert to your procurement management plan in order to be sure that contractors are doing the right thing at every point in time.


The Project Manager also has to make sure that contractors are accountable for the deliverables coming from them. They have to be sure that quality is not compromised.

#8 Burned out team members

Another major variable affecting quality in a project are burned out team members. No matter the level of quality requirements that the Project Managers and project stakeholders have set, they will have poor deliverables when the project has burned out and overloaded team members.


The Project Manager needs to make sure that team members are not burdened or poorly motivated. This can affect project deliverables negatively.



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