How users data can help web analytics

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 This article talks about how users data can help web analytics….



Users data can be seen as available data that you have about visitors visiting your website. We have talked much about web analytics and how it can be used to make business decisions in our previous articles.

You should note that everything about web analytics revolves around data. In this article. I want to closely look at some of the users data source and discuss how those sources can help you to increase customer engagement.

There are many web analytics tools that can be used to gather data such as web logs, Javascript tagging, cookies and packet sniffing among others. I have discussed some of these source earlier in my previous articles. In this article, I will focus my attention on other source of generating data for web analytics.

Surveys as part of users data

One of the means of generating data for web analytics is through the use of Survey. Survey as a tool for web analytics allows you to summarize the opinion of your customers and prospects by sampling their views about different aspect of your products and services. This is very apt when you have many customers to serve.



Emails as part of users data

This is another powerful platform that you can used to turn leads to customers. One thing that is very common now is that almost every one carry their email along wherever they go. You just need to craft your email in such a way that it will not be counted as spam.

You can used email for Drip programs which allow you to educate your customers and prospective customers about your products and service. This will help you to turn more leads to customers.

Customer comments as part of users data

Customer comments is one of the other means through which you can know the views of customers about your products and services using users data as a guide. You have to cultivate the habit of responding to comments. I also agree with those that said that you can delete comments that are so insultive. It is your Dashboard you should be able to dictate what appears on your Dashboard. That does not mean you should not tolerate negative comments as well. I also recommend that you use anti-spam plugin in order to block spam comments.
Expert reviews as part of users data

This is another means through which you can also gather data about your website. There are some third party platforms that have taken it upon themselves to analyse your website. This at times can give you a clear picture of what is happening on your website. This can help you at time to have insight into your website statistics.


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Competitor analysis as part of users data

One other mistake that is common to many online firms or e-commerce site is to neglect what your competitors are doing. You should be able to carry out a SWOT analysis and know your strength and weakness in relation to other people’s website. This will allow you to look at the design of their website and see what you can borrow from them. This will allow to perform a holistic analysis and improve on customer retention on your website.


Market research report as part of users data

This is another insight that can help you to analyse users data for your website. IT shows the true picture of what is happening on your website as far as customer engagement and satisfaction is concerned. Having a market research report at your disposal will help you to analyse how you are faring in relation with your customers. You will also be able to take decisive action in order to perform better.
 users data



Campaign statistics as an element of users data

Another important element that can help you to take decision based on your users data is your campaign results. Let’s assume that you are running a campaign and you need to decide whether you should continue with that campaign on not. The result will determine whether your previous spending on that campaign has been justified. This is what will tell you whether you should continue with that campaign or not.



In this article , I have talked about how users data can be used for business analytics. You need to know here and now that there is no viable decisions that can be taken about Buyers Personae without reasonable data about your customers. You also need to know the information that you really need from your customers in order to satisfy them.

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