How a user can move from Suspect to Prospect

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This article shows how a user can move from Suspect to Prospect …

In my previous article, I have tried to define what a Prospect is in Digital Marketing and Leads conversion. In this article m I want to quickly look at some of the steps that can make a Suspect to become Prospect. Follow me as we look at this vital steps together.
#1 Interaction with your brand
A Suspect can turn out to become a prospect if he interacts with your brand. There are different ways that a user can interacts with your brand. He can attend webminar where he come to learn more about your products or service. He can also download your E-Book. If any user performs any of this action, that means he has started developing interest in your product or service.


#2 Demographic fitting
One other way that a suspect can become a Prospect is when he has all the characteristics that you are looking for in your ideal customer. Before a user can be termed a Prospect. He must be living within your vicinity. He also have financial capability that match that of your ideal customer. If you want to use search engine for example you have to target those that are located within your immediate business environment.

#3 Bi-directional conversation

One other feature that a user moving from Suspect to Prospect must have is that he must have had a bi directional conversion with your organization. This can happen through email or telephone conversation. He might have called you to learn more about your products or service among other. That may be an indication that he is likely to become your customer at the end of the day.


In my previous articles, I have told you different ways that Leads can be identified in order to turn them to customers. In this article I want to tell you about those that are referred to as “Name” and “Suspect” as well characteristics that represent each of them as they move from one stage to another. Follow me as we look at this together.

There will always a time that the Marketer is first reaching out to prospective customers. At this stage, he has no idea who the customer was, or whether he will ended up purchasing any product or service from the organization.

At this stage of Leads identification, Marketers normally get the customers’ name from referral and other means that I have discussed in my previous article. The I.T firm that I worked for example only target Leads that are located within their vicinity. They start with no name and ended up becoming customers.


A Suspect is an individual who shows interest in your products or services. The way you will know that an individual have interest in your products or services is, if he or she performs one action or the other on your blog or website. He might be an individual who attended your webminar. He might also participate in your content promotion or he filled out form to download your E-Book or Whitepaper as well.


There is the need for you to identify such prospective customers and drag them into your Drip program so that they can later become your profitable customers.


The Drip program offer educational program and other contents that helps you to turn visitors to customers. Under Drip program as well m you can send Email or SMS to suspects in order to turn them to customers.

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