How to have a proper understanding of users data in web analytics

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This is how you can understand users data in web analytics….





First and foremost, there are is no way that you will be performing web analytics without making use of data of customers generally. It will help you to know the true state of things as far as customer analytics is concerned. In this article, we want to look at some of the things that you need  to look into in understanding users data at any given time.

Data as I said is one of the important components in your web analytics.  The data that you have about your customers will help you to understand the behavior of your customers.

There are seven categories of data that we can have as far as customers’ behavior are concerned. Let me talk about those seven categories of data in this article.

users data
#1 Behavior data
The behavior’s data show what is actually going on in the website at any given time. This at times can also let you know what a particular visitor or group of people are doing at any given time on your website as well.

#2 Attitudinal data
The attitudinal data on your website give you the reason why people are leaving your website cart page without making any purchase. You may want to understand whether it was the difficulty in making payment or may be because the price of the product is damn too high. You need to really find out the reason for this.

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#3 Competitive data
This includes user demographics, behavior data, and experimental review of the competition. This also allow you to compare your visitors’ views to the competitors. This allows you to compare you data to competitors’ data and make the necessary adjustment at the end of the day.

#4 Call Centre data
Another form of data that can also help organizations to make good decisions from their web analytics is the call centre data. This type of data. This gives you information about the data required regularly by customers.  This will help you to know the challenges that your agents are going through so that this can be addressed squarely.

#5 Customers’ data
This data analyzed the customer’s behavior and segment the customers based on the behavior that they display anytime that they are on your website. It will help you to articulate the interest of any given customer segment. It will ensure that appropriate information are passed so that you can retain more customers.

#6 Transactional  data
in understanding users data, you need to know about transactional data. The transaction data show both online and offline purchase made by customers and visitors to your website. You can track geographical location where you are having the highest sales. This will help you to increase customer loyalty for the organization.

#7 Community scored data
In understanding users data, you need to know about community scored data. Another data that you need in order to understand your customers is community scored data. This are data that can be gathered from Forums and other sources. It shows the opinion of customers about you in relation to your competitors.



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