The Importance of SEO for an Online Business

importance of seo

Understanding the Importance of SEO for an Online Business


Ever since the internet became a thing, businesses, small and large, have relied heavily on attracting new customers by optimizing their web presence. In the olden days, we were able to just pay a link farm a few hundred dollars and receive hundreds, or thousands, of visits that helped the website’s ranking; all that in a matter of days. However, during the last decade or so, Search Engine Optimization has taken up and replaced this method of getting one’s website noticed.


Contrary to paid search ads, SEO does not involve payment but rather relies on the search engine’s algorithms to determine the most relevant content for users. Those algorithms are constantly being changed and improved, sometimes making it difficult to follow and understand.


This practice came from Backrub, a search engine developed back in 1998, which relied on a specific mathematical algorithm to determine websites’ rating. During the same year, this search engine evolved into Google, which we are all familiar with.


The main goal of SEO is to avoid manipulations, that were common at the time with other browsers, by eliminating the system of ranking websites solely based on the number of visits.

Even though there are numerous other browsers available to users, Google still holds the lead in usage, holding almost 90% of the market share. This is the reason why reaching the first page of Google searches can prove to be the major break in every companies’ work.


SEO quickly became the major knowledge point that everyone working online had to be familiar with, especially bloggers. For those who still struggle to understand how SEO can help your business, or how it works and evolves, we’ve created a useful infographic that includes 72 useful stats to keep you up to date with SEO:

Understanding the Importance of SEO for an Online Business

The Importance of SEO for an Online Business 1

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