Understanding Service Strategy in IT Services

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This article talks about all you need to know about Service Strategy in IT services….




Have you ever heard about Service Strategy in ITIL? I believe you are familiar with the word “Strategy” which has to do with blueprints or plans that you have put in order to achieve your project objectives.



All you need is to get started with Service Strategy. 


 In this article , I will be talking about Service Strategy in IT Service management. I do hope you find it exciting.



In IT Service management, we have five lifecycle that a typical IT Project goes through. It all starts with I.T strategy and ends with Continual Service Improvement. In this article, I want to look at what Service Strategy is. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.



Service Strategy is more of Planning.

It has to do with having a blueprint that you intend to follow in order to achieve your ITIL goals. Without a clear Service strategy, it will be very difficult to have a successful IT Project.
service strategy

In coming up with a Service strategy, there are some fundamental questions that you need to ask :

  • Can I come up with something that has not been done before?
  • Can I come up with something that is more desirable?
  • You also need to look at the priority level of what you want to do. Is it something that must be done now or it can wait till later?
  • You have to know the relative importance and value of what you are about to do.
  • You have to predict whether the resource to achieve your goal is available or not.
  • You need to do a comprehensive audit of the skill level of your I.T staff.
  • You need to access and itemize the portfolio of service that we are going to render.

Basically in Service strategy, you are looking at the service that you are about to render as well as how it will be different from what is been offered by your competitor.


IT Service should not be something that you will leave to imagine, you have to properly write down all the actions that you are going to perform. You also need to make sure that you have all the resources and skills needed to achieve your project objectives.


When you are about to embark on any ITIL Project, you must have a strategy that you intend to follow. At times , it might look tedious documenting what you want to do before you actually start implementing your plan. Having an ITIL strategy in place will help you avoid rework and increase your chances of achieving the best.


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