The “What If Scenario” Analysis under Schedule Network Analysis in Project Management

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Let us examine a typical What if scenario analysis….


The What If Scenario Analysis method in Network Analysis is a method that allow you to consider different situations that may occur and influence the project schedule under various adverse conditions.


The What if scenario Analysis allows you to calculate the different schedules based on potential delays or adverse conditions that are likely to affect your project, Some of these delays might include employees resigning from the organisation or increase in  exchange rate among others.

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A typical example of What If Scenario…


When you are using what if Scenario, you are trying to find what is likely to go wrong with your project. You should know that at this stage , nothing has gone wrong but you are just preparing yourself against any eventuality that might arose as a result of that. Let us take for example, your company has approved the sum of 10 million naira for the software upgrade project.

At the end of the day , they had to reduce that amount due to one issue or the other. Before anything is been done on the project, you need to know what impact will the reduction have on your project. Not only what you are trying to achieve but other aspect of the project. This is likely to increase the success rate of the project as well.


The outcome of “What If Analysis: are always used to mitigate the impact of unexpected situations when preparing for ways of responding to various risks that are likely to affect the project generally. This also help us to select the best methods of mitigating risk in a project.


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