How To Turn Research Into Content

How To Turn Research Into Content


The best way of learning is through doing, so why not conduct keyword research for 10 topics? This could be for a website you look after or know well.


  • Identify the top 10 pages for your site that you would like to rank on search engines
  • Repeat the keyword research for each in a spreadsheet (like in the following slide)
  • Explore relevant topics that are not covered by existing content
  • Research further pages and content gaps.


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research to content

You may like to research your topics using a spreadsheet like the one above. The main idea is that:

  • You enter your topic in the left column
  • Have one P1 keyword per topic
  • Two P2 keywords per topic
  • Typically around three P3 keywords but can be less or more depending on how big the topic is

Remember a topic will translate into a webpage that you can optimize the keywords into. If it helps, you can add a column to the spreadsheet for the URL of the webpage that you plan to associate to the topic.


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