How to turn off Preview features for Emails

Ow to turn off Preview features for email


The preview features for email allows you see how the email you are about to send will look like before you do the actual sending of the email.

As I am trying now, I cannot say categorically whether having the preview on is a good or bad idea.


I am surely going to answer that question before I press the publish button.


There seems to be a danger when you are using the preview feature which is more like automating your email sending service, just like any other beautiful things, it has its own downside. It can execute or send messages without you knowing, that is why you have to switch it off.

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To turn off this feature in Outlook

  • Preview features in email
  • Go to View menu and select Reading pane.
  • Click on the Off option to turn off the preview feature for email.

To turn off the preview feature in Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Go to View menu and select Layout
  • Uncheck the option Message pane.




Now your take on this argument.

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Updated: July 18, 2020 — 11:29 am
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