How to turn leads to immediate sales in Digital Marketing

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Here is how you can turn leads to immediate sales in Digital marketing….


There are many ways that you can turn a potential lead to customer. There are already some categories of prospective customers that are willing to buy. I told you in one of my articles that the fact that a particular Opportunity has indicated interest to buy does not mean he will later purchase your products or services. You need to follow the three steps that I am about to discuss in order to turn leads to customers. Lets go into that discussion.

turn leads

#1 Calculate
There is the need for you to understand and calculate the Lead to sales ratio. You need to know how long it will take for you to close that big sales. You must know how many of your Prospect always ended up buying your products or services. This will help you to carry out an assessment and find out the reasons why you are losing customers.


You need to carry out to total number of leads that you have found in the past eight months. Ask yourself how many of them have ended up becoming customers. This will help you to know whether you are winning or losing your immediate sales war.


In calculating your ratio, you need to divide the total number of leads by the total number of sales that you have made within the past eight months. If you have 1000 viable leads and only 150 ended up becoming your customer. That means you are not doing well as far as converting leads to immediate sales is concerned.

#2 Act quickly

There is also the need for you to act quickly as far as turn leads to customers is concerned. Both your Marketing and Sales Team have to work together in order to identify Opportunities that are willing to buy. This must be passed to the Sales team who are actually going to make the sales. The Marketing and the sales team should not act as if they are competing. They should work together in order to turn more leads to sales.


#3 Organize
There is the need for you to be more organise in the way you approach your potential customers. You need to make use of Customer Relationship management softwares that can help you to collaborate with your team. I am not going to recommend any here.


The beauty of CRM software is that it does not allow you to lose any lead. You can trace your lead from the day of contact until they become your customer.


You can also make use of auto responded in order to hold down leads until the time that you will be able to appropriately respond to them. This can help you to turn more leads to customers.


Now your turn….


In what other ways do you think we can turn more leads to customers in order to get more sales ? Feel free to use the comment box for your opinion.



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