The Concept of Triple Constraints in Project Management

This article talks about the concept of the triple constraint in project management…

In a project, there are always indicators that you have to work with. This at times is factors that you have no option than to comply with. In this article, I want to talk about triple constraints which determine how your final deliverables will look like. Follow me as we look at this together.

triple constraints
The triple constraint of scope, time and cost are the three main factors that determine how your final output will look like. Once one of the deliverables is changed, it will definitely affect other constraints. Let’s say, for example, you want to build a house. You now decided to reduce the budget from twelve million to 8 million naira. Definitely, it will also affect the quality of the house that you are going to build.


#1 Cost
This is the amount that you have set aside for your product or deliverables. It is the sum total of all the activities that you need to carry out while executing your project. It also dictates how the final deliverables are going to look like.

#2 Time
The time frame that you have set for your project to complete is another factor to consider while executing a project. There is a concept called “Scope creep“. This is when you keep adding a new feature to the already established scope. If care is not taken, this can bring untold failure to your project. It will make the time to slip by.

#3 Scope
The scope defines what is and what is not part of your project. The scope will definitely determine how much you need to complete your project. It will also determine the time that you need for your project to reach a reasonable conclusion.


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