Discussing Transition Plan for Projects

Transition plan for projects

Discussing Transition Plan for Projects


After you might have developed an integrated change control system and created some of the subsidiary plans of the project management plan. Another plan you must have is the project transition plan, which lets you manage the project’s transition process. On this article, I want to talk about how to create a transition plan for projects.


Achievement of expected benefits alone does not. mark the completion of the project, you must ensure that the project product obtained is transferred to the appropriate group for sustenance.

Transition plan for projects


Transitions are performed in accordance with the transition plan. Note that the Project Manager is responsible for creating the transition plan.


Product Transition…


Product Transition is a formal handoff is a project ‘s outcome to its recipients. The project outcome, which includes the products, services, or benefits, is transferred to the next level for sustainment.


Apart from the product, all required documents such as training materials, support systems, facilities, personnel are also delivered during the transition.


The transition process ends only when the receiving entity or organisation performs all preparation processes to receive the project’s end product and incorporate it.


A transition can be contract-based activities or can occur among functions or projects within an organisation.


The Transition Plan…


The Transition Plan for Projects is a different document that describes how the outputs of a project will be transferred either to another organization or to a functional group within the performing organisation. Transition Plan must be created after a detailed discussion with both sponsors and customers.


Some organisations may add all the tasks specified in the initial list to the transition plan, while others may limit the transition plan to tasks that specify the transition of deliverables or resources.


Project transition events need not occur at the completion of a project. They can happen when necessary, during any phase of the project life cycle. For instance, a project or non-project work deliverable will be transferred when the specific project activity is complete.


Typical example…

Fourth Mouse Motors is an automobile manufacturer and has taken up the design and launch of a new solar car model. The development of the major components such as the engine, chassis, driving system, solar panels, exterior and interior are dealt as desperate projects.


Fourth Mouse Motors outsourced the project that deals with the making of solar panels. The vendor responsible for this project created the solar panels and also created a transition plan that specifies the details regarding the transition of the product to Fourth Mouse Motors.



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