In one of my articles, I have said it that you need to know your target audience in order to succeed as a Digital Marketer. It is when you have a clear understanding of your audience that you can successfully give them exactly what they are looking for. In this article, I want to look at how you can increase visitors profile to your website through visitors’ profile. Follow me as we look at that in this article.

There are many factors to consider when you want to profile your visitors correctly. Some of these factors include:


You should try and know the keywords that is bringing people to your website from search engines. Knowing this keyword will help you to focus attention on niches that has potential of bringing more people to your website from various search engines. On this blog for example, presently I do get more traffic from search engines when I write articles relating to Digital marketing from Bing than any other niches I have on this blog.

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Content groups
This largely depends on how the content on your blog or website is collated in relation to the campaign that you are trying to run. This will play a major role when you are trying to retain your existing visitors. You need to know if you have enough content that is capable of convincing your existing customers to make purchases.

Location based
Another aspect that you have to look at when trying to improve your visitors profile is understanding location. This allow you to analyse the traffic you are getting from different source based on the geographical location of your audience. Having understanding of your audience location will help you to know targeted ads that you can run in order to get traffic from that location. You will also be able to know how to personalize your content in order to cater for the need of those particular audience.


Time of the day
If there is anything you need to take time to find out. It is the time of the day that your target audience will have time to read your contents. You need to know the time that you always have majority of your audience online. This will allow you to know the time to release those great contents and campaigns that you are hoping everybody will see and take action accordingly.


Landing page profile
Another factor that you have to consider when profiling your customers and visitors in order to improve visitors profile on your website is the way they reacted to your landing page. You have to be sure that your landing page have all the attributes that it should have . From time to time, you need to compare the number of people that visited your landing page and the number that later become customers.




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