4 Major Differences Between Traditional And Digital Marketing

4 Major Differences Between Traditional And Digital Marketing


In my previous article, I have established the fact that there is a clear difference between traditional and digital marketing. Digital Marketing has to do with the use of an electronic medium in order to reach prospective customers and existing customers that are not in the same location as you.  In this article, I want to look at the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Follow me as we look at that in this article.


#1 Media consumption

When it comes to the ways the media is been consumed by the target audience, we can see that traditional marketing is always targeted at a large audience. Campaign materials are placed in a location where it can be seen by a large audience. If it is going to be on TV, they are stationed so that a large audience can listen to that many targets and the untargeted audience can listen to the advert.

traditional and digital marketing

Digital marketing, on the other hand, make use of inbound marketing. The Digital Marketer has to approach his target audience individually. You need to take action in studying your target audience and come up with plans on how you are going to convince them to purchase your products and services.


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#2 Passive Audience

Also, traditional marketing deals largely with a traditional audience who might not be able to interact with the ads that have been presented to them. They will not be able to click to get started except they visit the mortal and clay in order to get started. They might not be able to ask questions or interact with the advert that is being placed before them. 


When it comes to Digital Marketing, on the other hand, the end-user is able to interact with the advert. They can actually click to like the advert or click on the link so that they can be taken to the landing page where they can actually make a purchase or build relationships with the organization that sponsored the adverts. This also allows the recipients to share such adverts with their friends and followers. 


#3 Mass audience

Another fact that you need to know about this mode of communication and advertisement is that we are dealing largely with a large number of people at the same time. Interestingly, it is a one-way form of communication. Traditional marketing makes use of one mode of communication where it is more of the organization that is communicating with the prospects on what they need to know in order to make buying decisions. The recipients are not allowed to share their own personal opinions. It is also difficult for the organization to get feedback from recipients. This can lead to a situation where the company can continue to use campaigns that are not really delivering the desired result.


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#4 Outbound

The traditional model of marketing is based on the outbound mode of passing information to the target audience. As a marketer, you need to know your target and what they are listening to.


This will allow the Marketer to pay for slots so that his message can be communicated to the target audience when they are listening to their favorite location. The danger of it is that the message is being delivered to those that are interested and those that are not interested alike. At times also, the turnout might be low and the advertiser will end up have low turnout or low Return On Investment.


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For inbound marketing, on the other hand, Digital Marketing makes use of Inbound marketing. They have to study the best channel that can be used to deliver the ads to the targeted audience. They also make sure that they understudy the target and deliver the product or service to the target audience. This increases the success rate of adverts in Digital Marketing.


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