The role top management plays in CRM

Let’s look at the top management and the roles they play in CRM…


The top management in any organisation is the strategic management. They are the ones that take a decision on behalf of the entire organisation.


In my previous article, I have talked about Business operation aspects of a customer-centric enterprise.

I have told you that business operations have much to do with link and tools that allow organizations to do business from customers’ perspective.
It also has to do with automation of processes that are formerly done in a paper form. This includes order processing, receipt, inventory control among others.
In this article, therefore, I want to talk about how management makes use of business intelligence in making decisions.That will allow the organization to do business from customers’ perspective.
top management
Business management enables an organization to act in a tactical fashion. They do this based on intelligence obtained from the data warehouse and other Corporate Information Factory software.
If you just store information without data mining tools, you may not be able to know the relationships that exist between your customers.
You are unlikely to know what your customers have in common. This will not allow you to make reasonable decisions. 

data mining tools

When you have data mining tools, you will be able to segment and profile your customers effectively.
You can understand what your customers have in common and what are the products and services that you can come up with that will meet the need of your customers.
This will help you to raise exit barrier for your customers and retain them at minimal cost as well.
Business management relying on business operations and analytics will help organizations to know those unique characteristics that are common to individual customers.
It will show you how you can personalize general services in order to suit specific customer needs as well.

the business management and top management

The business management of the customer-centric enterprise is what gives meaning to data and allow organizations to make effective use of data and intelligence that are gathered after organization have introduced data mining.
This which help organizations to see the pattern of interaction in data.
Business management is the main aspect of a customer-centric enterprise. When you have top management support, every other thing will fall into place.
customer centric strategy will not succeed if there are no proper change management in place. Once you are introducing the customer-centric strategy, one of the uphill tasks that you have to place is changing the mentality of your employees.
You have to let them realize that customers’ loyalty is employees’ loyalty.
You also have to tell them that the main purpose of an organization is to create customers and you cannot make a profit as an enterprise unless you have a loyal customer base.

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