Amazing tools for MS Project 2016 Users

Amazing tools for MS Project 2016 Users


In my previous articles, I have talked about some of the features of MS Project 2016. Here are some of the tools that are also available to MS Project 2016 users.

Like all tabs on the ribbon, the Task tab contains a large number of commands, and these commands are organized into groups. The Task tab includes the View, Clipboard, Font, and other groups.

If you enabled touch input (by clicking the button on the Quick Access Toolbar in the
the upper-left corner of the Project window), the commands on the ribbon appear larger and some lack text labels.

amazing tools for MS Project 2016

Some commands perform an immediate action, whereas other commands lead you to more options. One example of the second type of command is one that you will use frequently in Project: a split button. This type of command can either perform an immediate action or show you more options. A good example is the Gantt Chart button, which is described here:

Clicking the image part of this command immediately switches to the previously
viewed Gantt chart view. Clicking the text label part of this command (or just the arrow, for commands that have an arrow but no text label) shows you the available settings for that command.

tools three

Manage files and set options in the Backstage view

The Backstage view contains customization and sharing options that apply to the entire plan, in addition to the essential commands for file management such as Open, New, Print, and Save.

tool four

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Here is a brief list of the pages in the Backstage view. In most cases, you can click the tab name to see more options:

The Info page gives you access to the Organizer, a feature used to share customized
elements like views between plans. The Info page also displays information about the action plan, like its start and finish date, statistics, and advanced properties.

The New page displays options for creating a new plan, either from scratch or based
on a template.

Open, Save, Save As, and Close are standard file-management commands.
The Print page includes options for printing a plan, in addition to the print preview.

The Share page includes options for Microsoft SharePoint synchronization and
attaching a plan to an email message.

The Export page includes options for generating a copy of the plan in PDF or XML
Paper Specification (XPS) format, and other options for exporting content. You’ll
work with these features in Chapter 19, “Share information with other programs.”

The Account page displays connected services and information about Project, such
as version information. With a Microsoft account, you can use services such as
Microsoft OneDrive file storage and roaming personal settings. When you are
signed in, your user information appears in the upper-right corner of the Project

Clicking Options opens the Project Options dialogue box. This dialogue box itself
contains several pages through which you can adjust a wide range of default settings
and behaviours in Project, such as whether you want to see the Start screen when
Project starts.

Here are a few tips about files and settings:

When you first start Project and are on the New page of the Backstage view, you can
Press the Esc key to open a new blank plan.

You can pin recently opened plans to the Recent Projects list on the Open page.
Right-click a plan name, and in the shortcut menu that appears, click Pin To List.
You can pin favourite templates to the New page by pointing to the template and
clicking the pin that appears in the lower-right corner of the template preview.

If you are working offline, you’ll see templates only from your local computer.
To exit the Backstage view, click the Back button in the upper-left corner of any
Backstage page. You can also press the Esc key.


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