How to use ticket management for customer engagement


This article shows how to use ticket management for customer engagement…



Ticket management forms part of service and support functionality-primary help desk. It helps you to know how to manage your customers and follow up on requests made by your customers. Most at times, when I am chatting with customer service agents at Namecheap, there are times that there will be network disconnection, they will always follow up with an email that details what I need to do to resolve the issue at hand.

That is clear enough right? When you send an email to an organisation, you will receive a ticket number. You are always asked to quote this email ticket number when you are sending a subsequent email concerning the same issue. That is what Ticket number is all about. You will keep quoting this ticket number until the issue is been resolved completely.

Ticket management enables organisations to track reported service requests on items under account-specific level agreements.

ticket management

What it does…

#1 Automatic routing

Just like email communication, ticket management enables the organisation to perform automatic routing. When we talk about automatic routing, we are saying that email is sent to the appropriate department based on the ticket numbers that are generated and your request. That is what automatic routing is.

#2 Escalation of reported services
Ticket management also allows reported issues to be escalated until the issue is been resolved. Most at times, the issue can be handled by a particular department. When such issues cannot be handled by a particular department, it can be directed to another department until that issue is been resolved completely.

#3 Search
Ticket management also gives room for problem resolution as well. At times, when you are searching for a particular website online. When you are trying to report a particular issue, you will see the known base or what you can refer to as Frequently Asked Questions. Having a Ticket management in place will enable the sales department to search for solutions to reported problems from their knowledge base. If such solutions are not in the knowledge base, they need to be updated to allow more customers to resolve their issues on their own.

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