Analysing Ticket Management in CRM



Objectives of this lesson

At the end of this lesson, chapter should be able to:

v  Define Ticket Management.

v  Explain the functions that it performs.

v  Define Mobile Sales force automation.

v  Identify some of its features.


Ticket management is part and parcel of service and support automation. It is meant for the help desk of a customer-centric enterprise.


Ticket management enables organizations to track reported service request on items under account-specific service level agreements. Ticket management enables organizations to know how far they have been able to satisfy their customers or respond to their complaints and requests, and other agreements.


Ticket management ensures that customer service department of organizations become more productive as they are able to keep track of how far they able to resolve customer issues. Take for instance; I once complained to the call centre of a Telecom operator that I was not able to send or receive messages on my lines.

The next day, the issues was resolved. The amazing thing was that I was sent a message which asked me to choose whether I was satisfied with the way the issue was resolved or not. It amazed me. I wonder if I sent “no” as the answer, if they would still get back to me and ensure that the issue is resolved completely.


Ticket management allows the organization a single view of ticket owners. They will also be able to prioritize customer issues and ensure that the organization is able to deliver a consistent positive customer experience because each agents of the organisation that are involved in customer service are meant to be accountable for their actions. Such agents are aware of customers’ relationship building processes.

ticket management

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Mobile Sales force automation gives sales team members access to key product information allowing them to perform critical sales functions including accessing product information, placement of orders, checking order status updating sales pipeline information and looking up client details.


Features of Sales Force Automation

  • Access key Customer Information.
  • Allow sales team to share activity, calendar and workflow data.
  • Access up to date product information.
  • Access customer specific pricing and product configuration.
  • Create/track orders.
  • Delivery and status alerts.



  • Tickets management enables organization to track reported service request on items under account specific service level agreements.
  • It ensures customer service departments to be more productive in their dealing with customers.
  • Mobile sales force allows sales team to access basic information about their prospects and customers.
  • It allows organizations to access key information, share activity and workflow data create and track orders, access sales report among others.


Brainstorming Session

  1. What is Ticket Management?
  2. Discuss Mobile Sales Force Automation?
  3. Discuss some of its features.
  4. As the new manager in charge of Customer relations in Nigeria Breweries PLC, How can you ensure that business are done from customer perspective?

























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