Three qualities of a CRM Analytics software

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 This article talks about three qualities of CRM Analytics software…..

In this article , I would like to talk about some of the attributes that a good Analytical CRM software must have . Follow me as we look at some of these attributes together in this article.
#1 Business process support
A good analytical CRM Software must support the business process in the organisation. When we introduce analytical CRM in any customer centric enterprise. It must be easy for it to analyse each of the departments and processes that we have in the organisation. This will help the organisation to make decisions from the result of the analysis.

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#2 Separation of function
Despite the fact that in a customer centric enterprise , both Marketing, Sales and customer service are expected to work together in order to do business from customers’ perspective. They must also be able to work separately and keep their own business records. In order to do this, there is the need for the organisation to use software that will allow the different departments in the organisation to work separately and make business decisions.

#3 Multiple source integration

One other quality that a good analytical CRM must have is that it must be able to do time stamp. That means at any level, it must be able to attach dates so that data can be analysed on time basis. There is also the need for the software to support data from different sources. This will help you to capture the true value of your customers on real time basis.
In this section, I want to talk about some of the things that you are likely to benefit if your organisation implement analytical CRM. Follow me as we look at this together.

#1 Enterprise knowledge
Analytical CRM helps you to discover enterprise knowledge from historical data. Through analytical CRM , you are able to understudy your customer data and find out what all those data have in common. Understanding this knowledge will help you to come up with a blueprint that you can use to do business from customers’ perspective. With analytics, organisations are not just storing data but they are using data to raise exit barrier for their customers.

#2 Data combination
One other benefits of analytical CRM is the fact that with it, you can look at the past data you have about customers and compare it with present realities in order to predict what is likely to happen in the future. For example, you can look at your past campaign and discover where you have got it wrong in the past. This will help you to shape how your future campaigns will look like. That is exactly what analytics does.
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