This is why marketing your business needs to be automated

The main purpose of marketing automation, in essence, is optimization.

From optimizing staff time to deciding which customer your sales team should focus on, the opportunities offered by marketing automation go far beyond simply automating repetitive staffing tasks.

Below are the top five benefits of implementing a marketing tool or solution for your business.

Reduce staff costs
With the help of automation software, an employee can compete with a marketing and sales team of 50 people. It does this by initiating marketing campaigns which are automatically driven based on specific criteria.

A few months after building these automated campaigns, your business or company can send personalized emails every day on autopilot.

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Income growth
By automating cross-selling, incremental sales, and customer tracking, you will notice an increase in revenue and value that a single customer spends on you. When you combine this with better management and prioritization, you can put in a much better investment return.

improve the sense of responsibility of the marketing and sales team
Marketing automation makes it very clear who the barriers are in your company, due to the clearly defined processes, and the complete view of the whole work process it offers.

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If the marketing is finding potential customers but none qualify towards the sales department, then the marketing department automatically gets ‘feedback’ that something needs to be improved in the campaign they are launching.

This feedback system not only avoids difficult conversations, but also improves staff accountability and ensures that each department understands where work falters.

Become more efficient
Regardless of the size of the team, the amount of resources you have to grow is limited. Marketing automation enables you to get more out of the team, in the hours they are available to you.

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Less repetition, more creativity
When you replace repetitive manual work with automated rules and campaigns, it naturally opens up time for staff to focus on more creative tasks.

This has clear benefits on staff productivity and efficiency, but also greatly affects their creativity and overall happiness, as you have replaced their repetitive tasks with creative work.

Marketing automation is the cornerstone of marketing in the 21st century, allowing you to grow your campaign, reach your customers more easily, and demonstrate all of this through revenue growth.

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