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Things you should consider before choosing a school


Choosing a school is a decision that can either make or mar your admission. There are things you should consider before making a final decision about your school choice. Without you considering all these, I tell you, you might get frustrated later in that school.
There are a lot of things you should consider before choosing a university but I will mention few of them;

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1.       Location of the school: Before you can make decision about choosing a school, you must put location into consideration. I have heard of student that choose a school just because of they want to be far from home, but I tell you, you might later regret your decision because it is a wrong motive in choosing the school you want to study. I have a friend who live here in Lagos but study at FUTMINNA, I’m very sure the guy is regretting because he can’t come home anytime he likes due to the amount of transport fare he will likely spend.

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2.       Strike history of the school: I am very sure you don’t want to use seven years to study a course of 4-5 years. Do you doubt? There are universities in Nigeria that goes on strike on a daily basis. I know of a candidate that choose LAUTECH this year JAMB just because his sister is attending the school. But he failed to know that even candidates that sat for JAMB exam last year have not resume in LAUTECH. What a school!!! I will advise you that you should go online and research about schools that do strike.

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3.       Catchment area of the school: I know of candidate that couldn’t gain admission in a school just because his state was not among the catchment area of the school. Some people fail to understand what catchment area means; but I will shed more light on it. Catchment area can be described as states that will be considered admission if they do not meet the cut off mark. For example, catchment areas for UNILAG are Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Osun, and Oyo. How does this works? Simple!!! Assuming student A from Jigawa state and student B from Osun state Has 250 and 240 in JAMB respectively. In UNILAG, student B will be considered because he is from the catchment area despite having a lower mark compared to student A from Jigawa. Understood?

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4.       Competition in the school: I don’t know how desperate you are for this admission but I will advise you not to choose high competitive schools if you really want admission this year. There are some low competitive schools that you can consider and I promise you that you won’t regret it. You can’t compare a student that choose UNILAG and got 260 in JAMB with a student that chose DELSU and got 260 in JAMB. The student that choose DELSU have high chances of admission than the student the applied for UNILAG despite have same JAMB score with same course.

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5.       Previous years’ cut-off mark: Cut-off mark is what determines your admission into a school. But you can actually predict the cut-off mark for this year based on the previous year cut-off mark. Before you can make your final decision in choosing your preferred school, go online and make some research about their last five years cut-off marks, by doing so, you can possibly predict this year’s cut-off mark. In z notchet, make research about the previous years’ cut-off mark before choosing a school.
That’s all I can list but if you feel you have any contribution, you can contribute using the comment box below. You have questions about this year’s admission procedures. You can comment your questions and I will try my best possible to answer your question as soon as possible.