The Ugly Truth About how Mtn is secretly deducting your airtme, and how to stop it

This post is for the ones subscribers which MTN has been deducting your cash unjustly perhaps every week or days and you’re questioning what services did you subscribe too in an effort to make this deduction regular.
Or maybe you are constantly getting recommendations on “how now not to get robbed on ATM”, or “a way to lose stomach fat” without you subscribing for it. Perhaps, you’ve even grievance to client care and nothing has been completed about it. I’m satisfied to tell you that we’ve got the answer for you.
Mtn mobilecel rio
Every time you acquire any of these pointers from MTN, you’ll get billed for it either weekly or month-to-month however right here is the way out.
A way to decide-Out of MTN value introduced services
Dial *447#, it’s going to present you with a menu. MTN customers can manipulate their value-added offerings from that menu. You may prompt, deactivate any services from that menu.
In this situation, respond with 1 to pick active offerings, 2 to deactivate energetic services.
As soon as deactivated, the illegal weekly airtime deduction will forestall.
You may dial *123*5*1#
Reply with 1 to view lively subscriptions.
Respond with a serial range of any energetic subscription and comply with the guidance this is displayed to unsubscribe.
After you unsubscribed, your airtime will no longer be deducted illegally for services you are not utilising.
Ultimately, in case your SIM continues to be a 3G SIM, it’s time to upgrade and get 10GB free statistics usable on all devices; see guide right here.
Let us know in the remark in case your airtime is illegally deducted via the comment box. 
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