The Twitter account of the Government of Hungary is closed

The official website of the Hungarian government on Twiiter has been blocked without any warning.

The news was announced by the government spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs through a post on his profile on the social network Twitter.

“We have taken the necessary steps and are awaiting an official explanation from Twitter,” Kovacs wrote.

Kovacs called the suspension an act of censorship against the government of nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban, saying ironically: “Finally, a new and beautiful world has come, in which technology companies are silencing those who have different “.

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Any attempt to access the Hungarian government account will receive the message “@abouthungary user has been suspended.”

While other addresses of state institutions seem to be functional. According to Freedom House, democracy in Hungary, a member of the European Union, has been declining over the past decade.

In a recent report released in May, Freedom House described Orban as a leader who “takes no action to respect democratic institutions” (scan)

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