The key skills that marketers need to acquire

No other field is developing faster than marketing. To navigate more effectively, marketers need to update their skills.

The modern role in marketing varies considerably. Because of this, the skills required really depend on the company and the individual. But, in general, there are some specific skills that marketers need to make sure they have in order to be within the game in this area. These include both “soft” and “hard” skills.

Interpersonal skills (soft)

Curiosity: Marketers need to be curious by nature and investigative about the outcome of the work they do, and how their work affects a larger organization or whether it is in line with the company’s goals and objectives.
Teamwork: Efficient communication and collaboration are very important as today’s marketing team has to work with many other teams (both finance and IT) to ensure both fiscal responsibility in projects as well as continuous digital innovation in marketing.

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Technical skills (hard)

Financial experience: Today’s marketers need to understand how to calculate ROI (Return on Investments, a measure of the profitability of a business by dividing net profit by net worth), and understand what a P&L contains ( gains and losses). These are easy to learn, just search them online and there are some very helpful descriptions.
Quantitative Analysis: This is a very important area in which the role of a data analyst is very necessary. However, marketers without a background in data analytics can start to think more like a data analyst – and that means thinking creatively and out of the box. This is an area that requires them to go back to school to learn contemporary statistics and the tools that will enable them to make better decisions.
Customer experience: This is very important in order to understand the customer voice and incorporate a user-focused approach when making decisions.
Writing skills, storytelling: The ability to write stories through which you can create a connection with the customer is also highly valued. It is just as important to make connections with the colleagues you have in the company.

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