The concept of Lead Funnel in Digital Marketing

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Lead Funnel is a concept in Digital Marketing that defines the process that prospective customers have to go through before they can purchase your products or services. When you have a clear understanding of lead funnel, you will know the process that you have to follow in order to see to it that leads and opportunities are turned to customers in the shortest time possible.


In this article, I want to take you through four processes that prospective customers go through when they are trying to purchase your products or services. This is often referred to as AIDA process.


#1 Attention
The first step in the Sale funnel process is the Attention stage. At this stage you are trying to create awareness about your products and services or contents. It is at this stage that you share your blog articles. You are trying to grab the attention of both your soft lead and hard leads at the Attention stage.

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#2 Interest
At the Interest Stage, you are trying to create Buyers interest in your products or services.  This is when you giver buyers sample of your products and services. You can also ask for demonstration of your products and services in order to increase buyers’ interest in your products and services.

#3 Desire
This is when you follow up in buyers’ interest in your products and services.  At this stage, you are trying to move further in order to convince buyers that your products or services is the solution to their problems. The way you handle this stage will determine when you will lose a potential Opportunity or not.


The Action stage is when customer purchased your products or services. This is when customers purchased your products or services for the first time. The experience customer feel after purchasing your products or services will determine whether the customer will continue to buy from you or he ir she will join your competitor’s lifecycle.


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