The best way to measure success

If we do a quick Google search for the word “success”, we come across a large number of objective and subjective definitions, many of which are contradictory to each other. For example, one of the first definitions on the list is, “Achieving fame or financial gain.” You can be very famous and have no profits at all, and of course you can make money but not be very famous.

The first definition of the Oxford dictionary is this:

“Achieving a goal or goal.”

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But how do we measure whether or not we have achieved a goal? Should we trace it based on whether it has managed to bring us any profit? Is the first unit of measurement we should use the financial one?

Many financially “successful” people, if you ask ‘How much money is enough?’, The answer will always be ‘more’. Should we make millions? Enough to buy a house? Or to pay for the children’s school? How much to bring food home?

Perhaps the best way to measure success is to judge how “happy” we are when we meet a goal or purpose. Do we feel fulfilled, happy, with a sense of high achievement? For example, does one have to start a new startup, and make a sale, to “feel” as successful as Zuckerberg?

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The problem with measuring success is that, after all, it is very subjective.

When trying to measure our personal success, we need to have elements that are both subjective and objective. Two questions for you, first, if you have set yourself a goal or goal by reading this:

What motivates you?
What makes you move?

to be continue….

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