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The best method to quit smoking


Smokers and people around them have long tried to find effective methods to quit smoking, but it often seems like mission impossible.
Although it is not at all so, because there are plenty of successful cases of people who have quit smoking once and for all and are happy about it. But how did they do it?
There are usually two options: leave it immediately, or gradually. But which one works best? Many people think that the best way to quit smoking is to reduce the amount of it in a day. But science says to be cold and determined: do not drink it anymore!
The study was conducted in England on 700 smokers who smoked about 15 cigarettes a day but wanted to quit. Everyone set the same date to leave for two weeks. Half of them should drink normally until the day they should quit, then stop immediately, while the other half should reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke per day.
In the end those who stopped drinking immediately managed to quit successfully, unlike the others. So do yourself a favor and the day you decide to quit smoking, do not smoke anymore, not even for fun. (ATA)