How to test if your Anti-virus is fake

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This simple will reveal whether you have origin anti-virus software…

I am not concerned whether you purchased your antivirus or you downloaded it free online. The only thing I am very sure of is that if your anti-virus software fail  this simple test that I am about to show you in this article, you need to uninstall it with immediate effect. Are you ready the test. Just hold on. I will show you in a moment. One thing I want to establish with this test is that the internet is not the best place to run to, to get a good antivirus. You might ended up downloading worms and spyware that are capable of stealing vital information from your device. You have to understand this so that you will ended up losing your device or vital information from your device to hackers. 
The other focus I have for writing this post is to alert you that it it is not all anti-malware that are on sales that are good. After this test , you will discover whether you have a good one or not.
Here are the step to follow in order to test whether your software is working or not.
The first thing is to open a Notepad and copy the following code into it, after you have done it , you need to save the notepad. Here is the code:
You need to rename the file from New Test Document .Txt to file
After you have done that, run a scan on this file.
If your anti-malware is functioning properly , it will generate a warning and delete the file immediately.
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