Technological Adoption Differences in Digital Marketing

Technological Adoption Differences in Digital Marketing



In terms of technological adoption, we will notice that there is a big difference between traditional and digital marketing respectively. In this article, I want to take the time to look at technological adoption differences between traditional and marketing. Follow me as we look at some of these major differences in this article.

technology adoption differences

First and foremost, you should know that technology, most especially the advent of the internet has created a new media that is portable, instantaneous and cheap, compared to traditional marketing platforms. Besides, digital marketing has also created a new platform where the audience has greater control over what they consumed. 


#1 Reach

First and foremost, when we fully analyze new technology adoption, you will observe that it has created a platform where the audience is no longer served the same message. The business now needs to take time to analyze their audience and understand the stage they are in the buyer’s journey. That is what will determine the kind of message they will be served.


#2 Engagement

The change in media technology has also changed the way media is being consumed and the way the audience engages with the media. The audience here is no longer a passive audience. He can decide to click on the message. He can also decide to share the message with others on his timeline. This is totally different from what happens in traditional media where the audience cannot do anything with the message that is been passed across.

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#3 Relationship

In terms of relationship, unlike before where the audience cannot choose a smaller group of audiences and nurture the relationship to maturity. That means in traditional marketing, the message also reached out to people that are not really interested, this ultimately affects the response rate and conversion rate of the messages. In digital marketing, we can now down the target audience. You have to know that the more specific you are, the more you will be able to convert your audience appropriately.


#4 Method

Digital marketing also has the capacity to developing an inbound communication strategy. Due to its personalized, content-heavy methodology, the focus is always on how you can drive as many audiences to your lifecycle and drive more users to your owned or paid media. This is possible through the use of an inbound marketing strategy. It will also allow you to drive more users who are really interested in your products and your services.


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