Understanding Tailoring Considerations For Project Resource Management

Understanding Tailoring Considerations For Project Resource Management



In my previous articles, I have talks about some of the emerging practices in project resource.management. In this article, I want to look at some of the tailoring considerations for project resource management. Follow me as we are going to look at that in this article.


Because each project is unique, the project manager will need to tailor the way the project resource management process is applied. Consideration for tailoring in project management include:


Diversity: What is the diversity background of the team?

Physical location: What is the physical location of team members and physical resources for the project?

Tailoring considerations for project resource management

Industry-specific resources: What specific resources are needed in the industry?


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Acquisition of team members: How will team members be acquired for the project? Are team resources full-time or part-time on the project?

Management of team: How is team development managed for the project? Are there Organisational tools to manage team development or will new ones need to be established? Are there team members who have special needs? Will the team need special training to manage diversity? 


Life cycle approaches: What life cycle approach will be used for the project?


Consideration for agile/adaptive environments…


A project with high variability benefit from team structures that maximize focus and collaboration, such as self-organising teams with generalising specialists.


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Collaboration is intended to boost productivity and facilitate innovative problem-solving. Collaborative team may facilitate accelerated integration of distinct work activities, improve communication, increase knowledge sharing, and provide the flexibility of work assignments in addition to other advantages.


Although the benefits of collaboration also apply to other project environments, collaborative teams are often critical p the success of projects with a high degree of variability and rapid changes, because there is less time for centralised tasking and decision making. 


Planning for physical and human resources is much less predictable in projects with high variability. In these environments, agreement for fast supply and lean methods are critical to controlling costs and achieving the 


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