5 Ways Of Securing Your Device From Network Attacks

Here are the nine ways of securing your device from network attacks…



If there is any fear that we have in the twenty-first century as far as the security of our device is concerned, it is the fear of Hackers and Black Angels. They are everywhere to destroy your information and probably steal the information that we have on our devices.

In this article, I want to talk about nine proven ways that you can use to secure your device from network attacks. Follow me as we look at this together.

5 Ways Of Securing Your Device From Network Attacks
#1 Strong password

The use of a strong password is one of the ways by which you can prevent physical access to your system. Some of us are fond of using passwords that are very easy to crack. When you want to create a strong password, you have to use Alphabet, capital letters, numbers and special characters. It must not be less than six characters.

I want you to know that there is no security that cannot be cracked, but when it takes time to crack it, you security apparatus would be able to detect Hackers while they are still perpetrating their work.

#2 Use anti-virus
One other way of preventing Hackers from destroying your information is to make use of a good anti-virus. The use of a good anti-virus will detect suspicious malware that may want to do damage to your system. 

It will also prevent hackers from having access to your system. This will help you to surf the web safely and share information in a wise manner.

#3 Regular updates
Most at times, when people install anti-virus on their system, they always fail to update it. This category of people always cries wolf when their system is infected. I always tell my students that viruses are created almost every minute. That is why you have to update your anti-virus when required.

Another form of update is Patches update. They are released to correct errors in our operating systems. This happens because when software developers come up with new software, they are always eager to rush to the market.

Most at times, they do not do their homework very well. That is why you have to make sure that your software is up to date because most of them have backdoors that Hackers can take advantage of.

#4 Regular backup
One other vital precaution that you have to take in order to secure your computer or information is to back up important information. You never can tell, something can happen to your information that made you lose some of the files that you have on your system. The backup can serve as a succour that will keep you going after that catastrophic event.

#5 Encryption and digital signature
This is another way of preventing your information against network attacks. When you are using encryption, you are protecting your data so that when someone is able to capture what you are sending through the wires, they will not be able to read meaning to it. It is only those that have the key that is the intended audience that will understand your message.

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