/How to use the ‘SUM Function’ in Microsoft Excel

How to use the ‘SUM Function’ in Microsoft Excel

Have you ever gone for an Excel interview only for you to mess up at the end of the day ? As an ICT Instructor, I have seen many people coming to me that they know Excel but at the end of the day, they are bloody liars. In this category, I want to start by breaking it down, with graphics for you to follow. I will also include the Excel sheet I will be using for this training. In this article, I will be talking of how to use the SUM Function in Microsoft Excel.


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Let us dive into SUM Function.

Now, let us dive into that discussion on how you can use the SUM Function in Microsoft Excel.

SUM function

In the Snapshot above , you are expected to calculate the total sales per employees for the various quarters. If you are to do it like some people, they will just be using the Plus symbol to add everything together but Microsoft Excel provides you with the SUM Function that you can use to calculate everything at once. You can always find the SUM Function in the Function library. Check the Snapshot below to find it.


More on finding the SUM Function

Just Click on the Formula Tab and you will see Insert Function group or what we all refer to as Summation Fx. You can also see this on your Address bar.


Now, lets do it.

You will have to go to the Function Library and type “SUM” in the Search Box. If you have just used it, you will see among the most recently used Functions listed.

You need to make sure that you have clicked the right place (cell) where your answer will appear.

After you have selected the Function that want to use, you just click OK. Later on, I will show you how to do it without using the Search Box.

Once you click Ok , you should have something like the screenshot displayed below.

You need to click on the Collapsed Ribbon that you have above and highlight the numbers that you want to add together.

Once you press ENTER, you should have your answer.

Alternatively, just go to where your answer supposed to appear and type “=Sum”. This will show some functions that begin with SUM, you can now choose the one that you want to use.

There is high tendency that you might not choose correctly. How do you know you are using the SUM Function in Excel? You will always see a Guide under telling you what to do next.

These are the two ways you can make use of the SUM Function in Excel.


In my own view, I will not advice you to go through the Function Library to make use of the Sum Function. You can just stick to the alternative method of doing it directly. All these things are what Interviewer look at to recommend you for that Excel Expert Job that you are applying for. If you have any challenge after this, make use of the comment box.


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