Stakeholder verification and its necessity for projects

This article talks about some of the benefits of stakeholder verification for projects….



A stakeholder can be seen as individuals who are likely to be affected positively or negatively by your project. In my two previous articles on this subject matter, I have tried to look at different ways that you can identify project stakeholders that are expected to play major roles in your project. 
stakeholder cerification

In this article, I want to continue to look at ways by which you can identify project stakeholders in your project. Follow me as we look at this together.

#1 Classify impact
There is the need for you to determine and classify the potential impact or support that each stakeholder could generate during the project lifecycle and defines an approach strategy. You must know the role that the project stakeholders can take individually or collectively in order to achieve the objectives of the project. There is the need for you to prioritize your key stakeholders and plan for an efficient communication management for key stakeholders.

#2 Stakeholders reaction
When you are carrying out stakeholder verification, there is the need for the Project Manager to be able to pre-empt what your stakeholders are likely to do next.  There is the need for you to know the next action of your stakeholders as well as how you will address the concerns of your stakeholders . There is also the need for you to plan how you can enhance the influence of your stakeholders in order to enlist their support for the project. You also need to migrate any potential negative impact arising from the reaction of the stakeholders.

#3 Documentation
Also when you want to carry out stakeholder verification, there is the need for you to document all information concerning your stakeholders. This include means of identifying your stakeholders , assessment as well as stakeholders classification which must be documented in your stakeholder register.

#4  Stakeholder management strategy
In carrying out Stakeholder verification, there is the need for you to device a stakeholder management strategy which is meant to increase support for your project and minimize any negative impact that wrong impression of the stakeholders can have on your project generally.

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