Process of stakeholder identification in project management


Here is the process of stakeholder identification in Project management…


In my previous article, I have talked about the reasons why you need to review your relevant documents such as the Project Charter, procurement documents, the organisational culture, government policy and standards as well as lesson learned from previous projects among others. In this article, I want to continue to look at some of the ways that you can identify project stakeholders. Follow me as we look at this together.

#1 Relevant stakeholders
Another aspect that you need to know in order to identify project stakeholders is to gather relevant requirements for the project. You have to use the Project charter to stakeholder requirements. You have to use the Project charter to identify the external parties who are impacted by the project, such as the project sponsor and customers, and the team members participating in the project. The Project Charter is a letter that gives you the Go-Ahead to start the project or continue with the project.

stakeholder identification
You also have to use the procurement document to identify if you have what it takes to achieve your project internally. If you do not have all the resources, that means you need external parties to supply some items for the success of the project.


There is a need for you to use existing documents such as the stakeholder register and lesson learned from previous projects to determine the stakeholder needs. The stakeholder register list out your stakeholders and the roles they are expected to play in your project. This will help you to manage project stakeholders. It will also ensure that you have an all-inclusive stakeholder register.

#2 Specialised training
There is a need for you to identify groups or individuals with specialised training or knowledge that can help you to achieve the objectives of your project. You also have to know that project management is always multidisciplinary in nature. You must be able to know how you can meet up with the needs either internally or externally in order to achieve the objectives of the project.

#3 Interview
There is a need for us to interview project stakeholders at an individual level in order to gain knowledge of their roles, departments, interest, knowledge level, expectations and influence within the organisation. Interviewing your stakeholders will you to know how these stakeholders can help you to achieve your project objectives. They will also assist you to identify stakeholders that have not been previously identified.

#4 Register analysis
There is a need for you to analyse the list of your key stakeholders. These include anyone in the decision-making ladder or management role. This might include the Project Sponsor, the Project Manager and other primary customers that are very essential for your project.


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