Clear differences between Spreadsheets, Worksheets and Workbooks

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Lets talk about the differences between Spreadsheets, Worksheets and Workbooks….


In this article, I want to discuss something that will increase your understanding of Excel. Many of us that are used to Microsoft Excel , most especially as a learner .Some of know how difficult it is to differentiate between Spreadsheets, Worksheets and Workbooks.


Let us assume that you are in my shoe. You want to know more about Microsoft Excel. I will be your mentor. I will assist you to have a better understanding of Excel. In the next few weeks, you will handle your database like an Expert.





Also, Spreadsheets are papers or an electronic document, arranged in a tabular form.They are used  to store, manipulate, and analyse data.

On the other hand, a worksheet which is also part of a spreadsheet. It is an electronic document used in entering, storing and analysing data in Excel.

According to Computer Hope on their Blog,  A Spreadsheet is also known as a worksheet. A spreadsheet is a file made of rows and columns.  They are used to sort data and arrange data easily. It can be used to calculate numerical data.

What makes a spreadsheet software program unique is its ability to calculate values using mathematical formulas and the data in cells.

A good example of how a spreadsheet may be utilized is creating an overview of your bank’s balance.



Excel worksheets are files that serves as a container to store related Excel worksheets. The worksheets are individual pages , whereas the workbooks is the binding that holds the pages together.

You can add or remove worksheets to suit your needs. You can also name , rename and re-arrange the order of worksheets in a particular workbook.

Also, the number of worksheets that a workbook can contain is always limited by your computer’s available memory space.


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I believe with this explanation, you should be able to distinguish the differences between Spreadsheets and worksheets. If you need further clarification. Please make use of the comment box.

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