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Are your wisdom teeth coming out and you can’t stand the pain Would you like to know some natural remedy to relieve you quickly?

Hello, my name is Harry cneez. If your wisdom teeth hurt and you want avoid pain with home and natural remedies, do not miss the following three remedies to alleviate it.

These are some natural remedy to relieve your tooth pain quickly :

1. Rinse with water and salt

2. Clove

3. Oregano oil

1, Rinse with water and salt. 

This is like Grandma’s remedy, it is very popular and old, and also effective. To prepare it you only have to dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Then you can swish, keeping it in the mouth for at least a minute. You will notice pain relief in just a few minutes.

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some natural remedy to relieve you quickly are :

2, Clove 

The following remedy is one of the most I like you. This aromatic spice is famous for its analgesic and antibacterial properties. And you have several ways to apply it so that Take away your toothache.
You can put the whole nail on the grinding wheel of the judgment that is coming out of you. You have to leave it on until you notice that the area falls asleep. You can also apply it in the form of oil clove. Or you can put nails in alcohol and leave it macerate. ?

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some natural remedy to relieve you quickly are :

3, Oregano oil. 

Oregano oil has carvacrol and thymol, two natural components with great antiseptic power and pain reliever. For this, they will serve you much for pain of wisdom teeth.
You can mix a drop of oregano oil with a teaspoon of virgin olive oil extra. With the mixture you can massage the area where the grinding wheel will come out and you will see that the oil it works in a few minutes.

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These are the three remedies that we use in home when the exit of the teeth hurts of judgment. I hope they are useful to you. You can leave me your comments below and tell me if these remedies work for you, or if you have a natural remedy that you It works like a charm, leave your comments and share on your social networks. And if you don’t want to miss any home remedy, subscribe to the this site .

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