Solutions And What To Do If You Drop Out Of School

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What To Do If You Drop Out Of School

There are lots of students who drop out of school every year in higher institution . This is an awful​ moment where by a student fall out of the academic institutions due to some reasons, to tell thier parent is very hard , they feel the world has come to an end , they can’t think straight , they feel very bad , they think of going into something illegal , they start acting strange to thier friends because they feel nothing is good in this life again . RELAX , am going to tell you what to do when you drop out of school . But first let me tell you what may cause the reasons why student drop out of schools REASONS WHY STUDENTS DROP OUT OF HIGHER INSTITUTIONS .


Majority of students this days do fall out of thier academic institutions with the fear of being part of the cultists . Probably they might have come across with the cult members and some interactions might have happened between them and this can cause some of the students to leave the school premises all because they don’t want problems with the cultists. This has been a large thing that happen in mostly higher institutions , and after the student leave the school , they find it hard to tell thier parent and worst part of it is that , they make thier parent still believe they are still a student in the school . Another reason why student drop out of school is

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60% of students who drop out of school this days are having the problems of not being able to pay thier school bills . The parent are actually aware of this because it is not the student fault . I have a friend who dropped out of school when we were in 300 level in the university , she has always been trying hard to pay her bills since 100 level , she lost her parent anyway . After gotten to 300 level then she found it so hard to continue due to financial problems , she was left with no option than to leave the school and she left . Many people this days do not attend the higher institutions due to the financial problems they are going through and this happen to be among the reasons student drop out of school . Another problem can be


When a student keep failing courses , it is one of the saddest problems a student can face , no student in the higher institution will be happy with failing courses even the ones that are not serious about educations . This has been one of the major thing that makes student give up on thier educational dream . I was a victim of being a student that fails a particular course every semester . I felt so sad each time i come across my result on this particular course, but i tried my best not to give up but to bypass it . Another reason students drop out of school is

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4. SCHOOL environment

Some students are not used to some of the school environment they found themselves . Some students who left or drop out from school this days did that due to the hatred they had for the environment .


Some students left the school themselves due to thier lack of seriousness . They never have the mind set to school , all they want is the street life and after dropping out of the school , they never inform thier parents and they keep living the street life . Any of these might be the cause to drop out of school but there are solutions to it.


The first thing you should do is to


Informing your parent will help you reduce sadness , I am 80% sure your parents love you more than every other persons , except if they are not your biological parent . When you inform your parents , there are lots of advantages , like helping you to stand back , giving you advice and many other things . You might feel it is hard to tell them but that should be the first attempt to make . Don’t do the mistake of hiding it before it gets too late .

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What To Do If You Drop Out Of School :
Another thing you should do is


Friends will help you heal the sad mind fast , they will share more experience with you and make you not to think much about it . They will advice you on starting up again and many other things . Am sure in a bit , you will forget the misery .

What To Do If You Drop Out Of School :


Do not look down on yourself , believe and have it in mind that there is a purpose for everything in life . When you fall , you can stand up again and progress . Nothing is too late , focus and pray .

What To Do If You Drop Out Of School :


Do not go back to the school you dropped out from due to many reasons , for you not to come across what made you out of the school . Even environments alone can discourage you again so its advisable to change your institutions .

If you have a serious problem concerning school stuffs , you can comment here and i will reply you as fast as i could or you can email us direct and we will see to it .

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