Major Social Media Platform Principles To Know

Major Social Media Platform Principles To Know


While many of these platforms have adjusted their algorithms in such a way that brands have to “pay to play,” organic social media marketing is still an important element of your overall strategy. Organic social media marketing is when one leverages the free tools provided by each social network.


This non-paid marketing can help your business by reinforcing the brand’s values and aesthetic, validating the brand through the sharing of company news, reviews, and media placements and increasing customer loyalty and affinity through engaging with and responding to customer comments.


So now let’s walk through some of the key terminologies that are used across social platforms. The Home Feed also referred to as the News Feed or Timeline, is a centre of content discovery on each social platform where you see posts from friends, brands you are connected with and advertisements from organizations that want to connect with you.


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Engagements include actions that users take on a social post and include: Likes/Reactions, Comments, ReTweets/Regrams, Shares, etc.


A Username is how users are identified on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and is usually preceded by the @ symbol.

The Block feature allows users to remove followers, disabling them from re-following, mentioning, direct messaging or otherwise contacting you on the platform.

A Mention is a post or comment that contains another user’s username anywhere in the body of the message.

And finally, a Follower is another user who has subscribed to receive and view your posts in their feed. It is important to be well versed in these terms as they are part of the regular nomenclature on social media.

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social media platform principles

Each platform generally has 3 classifications for their account types:

#1 If you have a Public account, it means your posts are visible to anyone, whether or not they have an account on the platform.


#2 Posts from Private accounts are only visible to followers whom the account owner approves.


#3 A Verified account lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic (and the official account for that entity), marked by a blue verified badge or check-mark.


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