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Social Media Outreach As a Mean of Building Links

Here are some of the facts that you should know about using of social media outreach to gain backlinks. 

13. Social media outreach

Share your content on social media, promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, comment relevant posts and create connections. I love these 4 powerful social media outreach tactics.


14. On-site social sharing actions

Sharing buttons and widgets. You can’t skip them on your website. Besides sharing your content via social networks, people can place your widgets on their sites and link back to you.

AddThis is a useful plugin in which you can track the results of the social engagement of your website.


15. Share to download buttons

Give your users an opportunity to access exclusive materials, bonuses or discounts by asking them to share your website. Motivate them to share your stuff. We use Social Locker.


16. Specialized discussion forums

Join QuoraRedditStackExchange, and others to ask and answer related questions. Be careful, these forums usually have strict spam rules and are full of professionals, so you can suddenly get banned. It happened to me as well. I should have read this guide before.


The most important things to keep in mind:

  1. Prepare your submission, don’t just copy the text from your blog post
  2. Personalize it according to readers’ preferences
  3. Make sure the link is relevant so it’s not obvious you’re doing a self-promotion
  4. Reply to comments

17. Links from forums

Forums, Q&A sites, content aggregators, etc. You can add the link there, but keep in mind that majority of them are low-quality links, usually no-follow, so their benefits are questionable.

social media outreach

18. Quizzes, surveys, tests

Yet another interactive way to gain not only social exposure. We did it some time ago and the response was fantastic. We added a certificate of completion to motivate people to share their success via their social profiles.

Though we made it on our own, you can use many tools such as SurveyMonkey.


19. Link to others

… and tag them in your social posts. It might not work for the first couple of times, but sooner or later they will notice you. If your content is good enough and relevant, they may link back or at least give you a shoutout on their social profiles.


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20. Contests and giveaways

Besides gaining a relevant link you have a promo for free. We were a part of a couple of giveaways and they generated subscriptions, as well. Research on-going contests and giveaways and contact the organizers. Sometimes, these offers land in your inbox so you won’t spend any time.


21. Discounts and coupons

Everyone loves discounts and discount codes! And it’s a great motivation to share your product, too! Moreover, discount coupons are great for additional affiliate program promotion.


22. Traditional (off-line) marketing activities

Leaflets, stickers or even guerilla marketing. Don’t forget where it all began. Creative marketing attracts people. They will talk about you and might link to your site.


23. PR articles

PR articles written by professionals and published on sites with high authority will give you high-quality links too. But prepare some budget for this.


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