Roles Of Social Media Marketers In Digital Marketing

Roles Of Social Media Marketers In Digital Marketing



Social media that resonates with your audience will be on the list of platforms used on a daily basis to either post, monitor or analyze your content performance and audience engagement. Besides social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat, there might be a social media platform that is more niche which could also be used by the stakeholder.



 That platform will also be your place for developing paid social media advertising and selecting influencers. Usually, the social media platforms offer an intricate offer of ad formats and services that can deliver based on your objectives. Similar to a CMS platform, depending on your account type you might be eligible to work with an account manager and have a team of stakeholders to work with.


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Social media platforms fit under the core marketing function of awareness, conversion, and retention by providing multiple tools to reach users organically or via paid content.


social media marketers in digital marketing

The key assets of social media are:

#1           Profiles/ Accounts

This can be the company or employee profile and can be used to provide extra content and personalized experiences that are valuable in the awareness and retention phase. Creating deeper conversations and showcasing personal interest in the company or public figure that represents the company.


#2           Pages

This is a more official window over your company. It is the flagship store of social media on Facebook or LinkedIn, for instance. This creates awareness of search and also a point of contact for consumers that have more questions as they consider your company in their search. This is where all branded content lives and is shared on a regular basis.


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#3           Groups:

These are a great way to create awareness and retention by starting or participating in discussions geared towards a specific community of interests.


#4           Advertising:


The content that is posted and created can be advertised according to an objective. The power of social media advertising resides in it’s targeting and formats capabilities, it can be a strong tool for converting users in customers, but can also increase followers and engagement.


Overall, the social media platform is a central place for content. The marketer will work with the platform regularly and depending on the level of investments, work with the social media sales and account teams to develop better strategies. Agencies who specialize in social media strategies can come into play as key stakeholders to increase social media performances. But the main stakeholders in social media are the audience and the followers.


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