4 Types of Social Engineering In Cyber Security

4 Types of Social Engineering In Cyber Security



Social engineering is an access attack that attempts to manipulate individuals into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Social engineers often rely on people’s willingness to be helpful but also prey on people’s weaknesses. For example, an attacker could call an authorized employee with an urgent problem that requires immediate network access. The attacker could appeal to the employee’s vanity, invoke authority using name-dropping techniques, or appeal to the employee’s greed. In this article, I want to look at four types of social engineering in cyber security.

social engineering in cyber security


These are some types of social engineering attacks:


#1 Pretexting

This is when an attacker calls an individual and lies to them in an attempt to gain access to privileged data. An example involves an attacker who pretends to need personal or financial data in order to confirm the identity of the recipient.


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#2 Tailgating

This is when an attacker quickly follows an authorized person into a secure location. We often watch that in films when someone will follow the server administrator to a location and force him to reveal the hidden information under duress. Such individual might also be threatened to reveal such information . 



#3 Something for Something (Quid pro quo)

 This is when an attacker requests personal information from a party in exchange for something, like a free gift. The authorized person might be promised something substantial in order to force those information out. 


Wi-Fi Password Cracking

Wi-Fi password cracking is the process of discovering the password used to protect a wireless network. These are some techniques used in password cracking:

Social engineering

The attacker manipulates a person who knows the password into providing it. That is why you should learn to confirm information from the right source before you reveal information. Do not respond to enquires online. Please , try avoid clicking any link that you find in an email as well.


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Brute-force attacks

 The attacker tries several possible passwords in an attempt to guess the password. If the password is a 4-digit number, for example, the attacker would have to try every one of the 10000 combinations. Brute-force attacks usually involve a word-list file. This is a text file containing a list of words taken from a dictionary. A program then tries each word and common combinations. Because brute-force attacks take time, complex passwords take much longer to guess. A few password brute-force tools include Ophcrack, L0phtCrack, THC Hydra, RainbowCrack, and Medusa.



Network sniffing 

By listening and capturing packets sent on the network, an attacker may be able to discover the password if the password is being sent unencrypted (in plain text). If the password is encrypted, the attacker may still be able to reveal it by using a password cracking tool.


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